Friday, August 25, 2006


this is how I feel on the road sometimes

feel like I wanna smack somebody
Turn around and bitch slap somebody
(courtesy Papa Roach and the song Anxiety)

Especially this morning when Miss "I think I've arrived" in her Grey Audi A4 nearly pushed me off the road after she crossed 3 lanes and wanted to enter the same sliplane as me (did I mention, in the same 3d coordinates?)

After we exchanged pleasantries via sign language, she continued to drive like an utter twat (i.e. dangerously) and happened to take the same route as me for the next 15 Km's.

The funny thing eventually was that she thought that I was following her. So when we both took the same offramp off the highway, AND both turned into the same service station, she took off like a bat from hell and started careening through the service station

waaahahahahah it was so funny, because I calmly stopped to fill up my car while she was performing a blend of evasive tactics and Nicky Lauda style driving (we all know what happens when you do that?)

The rest of the idiots on the road didn't bother me as much after Miss "I think I've arrived" cheered me up with her fearful fancy.

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angel said...

heh heh... a fellow sufferer! i actually had a woman follow me one day after i took her picture. she eventually caught me when we pulled into the same office building (she had already lost me on the road). she parked right behind me and confronted me as i got out the car... and i asked her what she would have done if i'd pulled a gun!